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Students of Alexander Ostrovsky Academy

Best student of the season 2018-2019: 

 Ilya Maltsev - born in 2007

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The winner in nomination Alexander Ostrovsky academy "Student of the mounth" has been selected since September 2012.
Award "Best student of the month" will be received by the following players:

Award "Best student of the month" in season 2019/2020 will be received by the following players:

March 2020 - Marat Salbiev born in 2008
Title - RTT I cat. "Shamil Tarpishchev Cup" U12 (singles)

List of students who previously received this award:
May 2020–
April 2020 –
March 2020 – Marat Salbiev
February 2020 – Daria Shadchneva
January 2020 – Daria Shadchneva/Pavel Skvortsov
December 2019 – Anna Pushkareva
November 2019 – Veronika Solovyova
October 2019 – Pavel Skvortsov
September 2019 – Ilya Maltsev
Summer Season 2019 – Kuzma Gomzyakov