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Triumph Program


Do you want to learn and play tennis in one of the best universities in the U.S.? We will help you to fulfill your dream!

The "Triumph" program is designed to help tennis players find opportunities to combine sport and studies in the U.S. with institutions under the "Sport Scholarships" program.

The "Triumph" program is unique in the Russian market, since it includes not only search for scholarships in the U.S. universities starting from $ 10,000 to $ 50,000 per academic year, but also helps with athletes preparation for departure and their successful performance within the tennis team.

Overall cost of education in the U.S. for 4 years can exceed $ 200,000. You can cover all these costs through you athletic talent.

Our services will allow you to prepare for a perfect start of your study and help you find the most suitable university!

Reasons to study in America:

- Popularity of sport in the U.S. Universities ensures big budgets for athletic departments. Therefore, the money allocated for sport scholarships, is more than sufficient to achieve high results in tennis during the learning process.

- Flexible training approach allows you to attend classes at a convenient time and teach things that you really need. If necessary, you can learn even in the summer. Hence why you will be able to combine studies and training easily.

- In today's world studying in the US gives you a big advantage and will enable you to network, make new friends and of course learn English, which is the language of international communication.

- Diplomas from the U.S. universities, not only recognized and accepted worldwide, but also highly valued by employers. After finishing your studies and training, you will be able to work in any country of the world.

So what is "sport scholarship"?

Athletic scholarship programs give young athletes a chance to continue their career, playing for the team of the American university and fully or partially covering their training.

More than 2,000 universities from small private to public annually offer athletes try themselves in their teams. Sports teams are divided into divisions, allowing you to choose a more appropriate level for you.

Athletic scholarship usually includes (a):

- Training in the cutting-edge sport centers under the supervision of experienced trainers, doctors and other professionals;

- Providing university athletes with all the necessary sports equipment and uniforms;

- Comfortable apartments right on campus,

After graduation, you have a choice - to go to enter the professional sport, or alternatively begin to build a career within the education you received.

Your chances

After high school people often ask, "What’s next?” The opportunity to become a student-athlete in one of the American universities is your chance to try something new for yourself. It is important to remember that your tennis career doesn’t need to end with graduation.

We want to draw attention of promising athletes and their parents to the level of tennis in the best U.S. universities. Promising tennis career does not end at university. If you desire to play at a high level, going to university can do you a favor. Large athletic budgets can allow you to play various tournaments and prepare to be on the highest level. Moreover, coaches in top universities are people who have previously competed in the professional tournaments.

Where to start?

Step 1. Consultation.

- What is "Sports Scholarship"

- The education system in the U.S.

- Your chances of getting a scholarship

- Proficiency tests

Step 2. Signing Contract

Step 3. Information about TOEFL and SAT exams.

Step 4. Signing a contract with a U.S. university.

Step 5. Preparation of all the necessary documents you will require to leave for the United States.

Agreement - advance 15 000 rubles.

Packages. Only we offer a full range of services:

1. Standard package (70 000 rubles).

- Training and sending out resumes and video’s of students to the U.S. Universities

- Negotiations with the coaches of the tennis teams about the available sports scholarships.

- Negotiations with the athletic departments of American universities about your possible admission to the tennis team.

- Assistance in obtaining all necessary documents for admission to the university (financial, academic, medical).

- Advice and support at all stages of your application to a U.S. University.

- Providing all information about the Universities.

- Assistance in choosing a university based on athletic performance and achievements

- Information about TOEFL and SAT exams.

- Assisting with visa application

- SEVIS/DS-160/I-20,

- Creation of an individual plan and its achievement.

2. Standard Plus

Everything the ‘Standard’ package offers + 4 Workshops

All about America: everything student should know:

- Admission to the University USA

- Orientation on campus

- Introduction to the format of the training process / competitions

- The education system

+ Training in the U.S. University’s format: matches, a detailed explanation of the NCAA rules and everything else that applies to the student.

Training is conducted in English. Coaches also help explain any tasks in Russian. Group consists of more more than 3 people.

Training-preparatory classes are for the duration of:

3 months

6 months

3. Premium

This package includes everything mentioned above + preparation for exams TOEFL and SAT. + Training videos.

Contact: Dmitry Novikov (former head coach of the tennis team University Texas A & M - Kingsville) tel. +7 (985) 620-08-02

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: How can athlete become a member of the university team?

Answer: First of all the coach of the team should learn about you and show interest. After that you start the enrollment process at the university and on to the tennis team. To enroll at the university, you will need to pass the entrance test SAT and TOEFL, and fill in the various questionnaires. As for the tennis team, then you will need to register with the institution NCAA, which, in turn, should allow you to play for the tennis team.

Answer: The whole process of admission to the University should begin at least one year before the start date. For example, for those who are studying in the 10th grade of high school, you need to start the process in January-February of 10th grade to start school on September 1 next year, which is immediately after the end of the 11th grade in high school.

Question: what benefits would University get from this?

Answer: Since the university sports are very popular in America, the audience fills their stadiums. High attendance to sports events and with athletes helping universities to become more recognizable in the world attracts more and more students to choose particular university, and no other.

Answer: University sport is very popular and is covered in all kinds of media. Excellent sports facilities, such as basketball stadiums with a capacity of 20-25 thousand guests are always sold out. Universities gain great advertising sponsorships from sports championships and therefore, for bigger entertainment, they are interested in finding strong players.

Q: How does the partnership between the university and an athlete begin?

Answer: The partnership begins with contract signing. The contract explains in detail the responsibilities of both parties. The contract is signed for one year of study and is renewed every year.

Answer: The University sends an athlete a contract, which specifies the conditions and financial obligations to the University and the athlete under the terms of this contract agrees to successfully learn and play for the team worthy of the university. If the athlete is not yet 21 years old, then for him a contract is signed by his/hers parents, due to the U.S. legal age law.

Q: What specializations are available for athletes?

A: The spectrum of specialties in U.S. universities is very broad, so you can be sure to find the right direction for yourself in almost any university.

Answer: You can choose any profession and study at university can be almost in anything. Universities are not divided into medical, legal, humanitarian, etc. Each university has a department dedicated to different specialties. The first 2 courses of study are in general subjects, and only the third course allows choosing specialty subjects. This is very convenient, especially for those who are not sure yet as to what career choice they want to make.

Q: What kind of Visa do you need to go study in the US? Is it possible to work in the U.S. during studies?

Answer: Students receive a visa F1, which is issued for a period of their study. Working with this type of visa is allowed but has restrictions. Officially, you can only work on campus. Any job outside of campus is a violation of your status.

Answer: Student has a visa while studying. With the U.S. student visa, you are not allowed to work, but the universities have a right to employ an oversea student on campus, and it is not considered a violation. Many athletes from April to September during their summer holidays train children to university stadiums work in libraries, classrooms, etc.

Q: What athletic level needs to be developed in order to be welcomed to join into the university team?

Answer: There aren’t clear stated rules or requirements as to what skill level an athlete has to have. However, in order to be able to successful team tennis player, you can use 2nd adult category as a general aim. Keep in mind that the decision on your admission to the tennis team is made by head coach.