Tennis has to become everything to you
if you're going to make it
                        to the top.
                                   You have to live it.
Monica Seles
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Junior Training School

Tennis is a very exciting and fun game, which is good for you in the same time. It can help young people to develop the determination for achieving goals, persistence and many more. Playing Tennis will help to encourage young people to live a healthy lifestyle and shield from the bad influences.

Classes have from 3 to 8 people in a group depending on the training session objectives. Groups are small and, therefore, each student is given maximum individual time.

Tennis classes are given on the courts, which meet the international standards and with the coaches of highest category it ensures that training is taken to a professional level.

In the academy you will find a security protected parking lot, fitness bar, and specialized store. The academy is located in the ecologically green area, which makes it competitive.

Training program consists of the following:

  • Group classes
  • Physical training
  • Individual classes
  • Training camps
  • Participation in international and local tournaments
  • If needed a personal training schedule could be made taking into consideration player’s needs and objectives