Tennis has to become everything to you
if you're going to make it
                        to the top.
                                   You have to live it.
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Dorossa_logo_vertical_s.png DOROSSA Pro Sports Foundation

In 2012, Alexander Ostrovsky Academy (Khimki) established a fund to support talented juniors who show promising results in Russian and world tennis called ‘Khimki Junior Tennis Foundation’ . In 2015 it was renamed to ‘DOROSSA Pro Sports Foundation’. The purpose of this foundation is to provide grants to bright and ambitious students. Grants are awarded annually and the Board of the Academy selects successful candidates. When considering candidates for a grant, we take into account their ratings and their coach’s views on their professional disciple.

The decision to enroll a student for the sponsorship program is made based on the following criteria:

The basis for the nomination of the student by coach is based on the following results:

The list of fees covered by the grant:

List of students supported by DORROSA Pro Sports Foundation :

potapova.jpg site.jpg Branko-Djuric.jpg
Anastasia Potapova
2003 year of birth
Ksenia Aleshina
2003 year of birth
Branko Djuric
2005 year of birth
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sepken.jpg site.jpg
Selin Lidya Sepken
2003 year of birth
Maxim Dontsov
2004 year of birth
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