Tennis has to become everything to you
if you're going to make it
                        to the top.
                                   You have to live it.
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Management of Alexander Ostrovsky Academy
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Untitled-1.jpgRoman Orlach


site.jpgEkaterina Orlach

Managing Director

site.jpgOlga Shaposhnikova

Financial Manager

site.jpgTatiana Pipko

Chief Accountant

site.jpgKristina Egorova


site.jpgMadina Alimova

Head of the United Russia Tennis League (ERTL) 10s Minitennis

site.jpgMaxim Gubernatorov

PR Manager

site.jpgMariam Shebunina

Sports psychologist

site.jpgVladislav Bubliy

System administrator

Sports medicine specialist

ssd.jpgIlya Korolev

Sports massagist

Medical School №9 (2014)

nstitute of Restorative Medicine; Certificate - massage in pediatrics; Certificate of Physical Education Instructor

site.jpgTatiana Ostrovskaya

Educator of additional education

Education: International Programme Birthlight, early teaching swimming and SMART-Yoga (2010) Courses at the Faculty of Psychology, Moscow State University "Gummanisticheskie principles and techniques of communication and self-regulation" by Yu.Gipenreyter (2012)

site.jpgOksana Gladkova

Director fitness bar

site.jpgShirin Namazalieva

Seller fitness bar

sss2.jpgRuzil Gallyamov

Seller fitness bar

site.jpgUmida Nasridinova

Assistant cook

sss1.jpgSergey Rybakov


site.jpgNikolay Samokhvalov

Seller tennis shop


site.jpgNadezhda Fedyashova

Seller tennis shop


site.jpgMarina Ikayeva

Сontracts manager

site.jpgTatiana Sivkova


site.jpgChristina Abakumova


site.jpgGalina Tymchenko


site.jpgAlexey Ignatiev

Director of study

Teacher of Geography and Social Studies

Education: Higher Chuvash State University. I.N. Ulyanova (2001), Specialty - historian. Teacher of History. The first qualification category for the specialty teacher; Volgoviet Academy of Public Administration under the President of the Russian Federation, Nizhny Novgorod, Chboksarskiy branch (2004). Specialty: State and municipal administration, State service manager

site.jpg Natalia Kazantseva

Deputy Director of study

Teacher of Mathematics and Physics

Education: High School teacher. 1988 - Chuvash Pedagogical Institute. IJ Yakovlev, a specialty: teacher of mathematics and physics high school

site.jpgJan Baranchuk

The teacher of history and social science

Education: Moscow State Pedagogical University (Moscow State Pedagogical University), Department of History (2007), Master of Moscow State Pedagogical University (2014). Speciality - history.


Adam Codd

English teacher

Education: 2004-2008 University of Lincoln Manchester. 4.5 years teaching in Japan

sss5.jpgVladimir Lutsyk

Teacher of English

Education: Higher education in 2005 (year of graduation). Belgorod State University, Belgorod Faculty of Romance and Germanic Philology, professor of English and German languages.Sspecialist.

sss4.jpgLev Uglanov

Teacher of Chemistry

Education: Kazan Pedagogical Institute (1975). The highest qualification category in the specialty teacher. Specialty - Biologist plant physiologist.

site.jpgOlga Chupikova

Teacher of Biology

Education: Rostov State University. M. A Suslova (1984). Faculty of Biology. Qualifications: Biologist, Teacher of Biology and Chemistry.

site.jpg Maria Semina

Teacher of Russian language and literature

Education: 2005-2010 years. Moscow State Pedagogical University, Philological Faculty, specialty "Teacher of Russian language and literature." Period 2010-2012. - Moscow State Pedagogical University, MSc Faculty of Philology, Department of Modern Russian language

site.jpgElena Dyakovskaya

Senior educator of additional education

sss3.jpgMaria Bulycheva

Educator of additional education

site.jpgAlexander Pozdnyakov

Educator of additional education

Сальников Сергей0.jpgSergey Salnikov

Security guard

Шепелев Алексей0.jpgAlexey Schepelyov

Security guard

Чумерин Валерий Николаевич0.jpgValery Tchumerin

Security guard